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The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) is the not-for-profit trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia Pacific. It serves to make the video industry stronger and healthier through promoting the common interests of its members.

Understanding global trends in media, AVIA is focused specifically on addressing issues in the video markets of Asia. By choosing to transact through the AVIA Marketplace in Vuulr, you are contributing directly to the health of the video industry in Asia.

There are no shortage of challenges we face, from piracy and over-regulation, to equity and due recognition of value from advertisers. For every successful deal that takes place within the AVIA Marketplace, a portion of the commission will go directly to supporting these causes.

Simply register as a buyer or seller under AVIA. Sign up for free now to continue with your support. To know more about AVIA, visit us at or contact us at


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Go From Content Discovery To Deal In Days

Access the best of global content 24/7 from thousands of Film & TV distributors. Discover, watch trailers and screeners on demand, negotiate and acquire rights from thousands of titles across 60 genres in local languages at your fingertips. Explore original content from up-and-coming, talented filmmakers or producers from anywhere in the world!

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It’s completely free for buyers! Browse themed collections on our homepage or dive in to discover new content your audiences will love. Our user-friendly search and filter functions make discovering content easy. You can also check Avails instantly and watch screeners and trailers on demand.

Negotiate & Make Offers Based On Performance

Negotiate directly with sellers to close the deal in days. Apart from making flat-rate offers, VOD platforms can also make offers with performance pricing models based on viewer count, stream length or share of advertising revenue.

For Sellers

Monetise Your Entire Catalogue and Reach Buyers Worldwide

Showcase your catalogue of Films, TV shows, Web Series and Shorts to buyers globally, whether they are in established markets, new geographies or emerging and niche markets.

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List your catalogue for free! Register to start showcasing your entire catalogue to a fast-growing base of buyers including all FTA, PayTV & Streaming Platforms! The best part? You pay only 10% commission upon a successful deal, with no additional costs or deductions!

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Let your content do the talking! Imagine getting offers from interested content buyers all around the world directly in your inbox! You can negotiate directly with buyers and close deals online in a matter of days, all from the safety of your laptop.